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CMO’s For Diversity

We invite you to watch, read and learn how the most successful American CMO’s are innovating when it comes to diversity and inclusion. Our mission is to ignite the discussion around this topic, encourage companies to hire diverse talent, help close the underspending gap against multicultural segments, and to showcase to corporate America the power and opportunity behind diversity.

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  • "If you aren’t doing multicultural marketing, you aren’t doing marketing".

    – Marc Pritchard, CEO P&G
  • “It's time to stop looking at these communities as niche. They are controlling culture and purchasing your products.”

    – Shavone Charles, head of global music and youth culture, Instagram
  • “This segment of community is not just a month- or week-long initiative, it’s a year-round commitment.”

    – Christian Borges, SVP of Marketing, Fox Networks Group/ true[X]
  • “Boomers worked for companies; Gen-Xers work for people; millennials and [Gen Z] work for purpose.”

    – Kirk McDonald, CMO AT&T Advertising & Analytics
  • “If you don’t have senior leaders that look like the young talent you want to bring in, that young talent is going to leave you.”

    – Antonio Lucio, Former Global CMO, HP

CMO's For Diversity Articles


Why do CMOs care about this topic so much? Because it is all about people and how we not only see them, but include them. It’s the heart of marketing and fuel for growth and innovation. In a colorful world made up of unique individuals, how can brands authentically connect with and inspire people on the outside and on the inside?

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Opportunity is knocking on the doors of marketing departments all over the country. Knocking with Hispanic, African-American and Asian-American hands. For years a number of smart companies have marketed to multicultural audiences. But those companies have been the exception and not the rule.


In 2018 U.S. Hispanic ad spend was $9.4 billion, according to Ad Age. That is only 6% of the total ad spend of $151 billion! The Hispanic population just reached 64 million people this year, making it the second-largest demographic group in the U.S. With that in mind, U.S. Hispanic ad spending should be in the $20 billion range.

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First, to understand what advertisers created, we analyzed over 2.7 million YouTube videos uploaded by advertisers between January 2015 and March 2019. Then we accounted for over 550 billion views through May 31, 2019, to understand what people watched in 51 markets. We wanted to know who was featured most often in the most-watched videos.

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I can’t say enough about diversity and inclusion — especially in marketing. People with different backgrounds, life experiences and cultural contexts push each other to greatness. They are the first to see the unnoticed opportunities and the unintended consequences. And any team that is all the same clearly did not pull from the entirety of the talent pool.

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Companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to have financial returns above their national industry medians, and those in the top quartile for gender diversity are 15% more likely to see greater financial returns, according to the McKinsey report “Diversity Matters.” There is also a statistically significant…

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We are the founders of a Multicultural Ad Agency called Upstreamers. The CMO’s For Diversity platform is one way that we are giving a voice to different groups in the U.S.

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